Dmitry Popov DP

Dmitry Popov was born in Moscow, USSR. After university studies in VGIK (1991-1996), Dmitry, also known as Dima began his career as a documentary cinematographer, working with nearly all Western media companies with bureaus in Moscow. Through experience working with companies such as CNN, CBS, ABC, BBC, APTN and TF-1, including their permanent missions to hot spots, he started to understand the qualities of a professional documentary cinematographer is – reliability, insistence on quality and full responsibility for the image, light and sound simultaneously. After years of filming as a freelance cameraman, Dmitry began working at a Norwegian television company as a full-time documentary camera operator. As part of a mobile film crew (2-3 people), he acquired the ability to quickly edit footage, work with file archives, do voice-over recordings and so on. Other responsibilities included daily monitoring of all major media, planning, and filming. Dmitry was often given quite unusual tasks, such as going to Chechnya alone with heavy Betacam equipment to interview soldiers while they were clearing a minefield, and organizing a trip to Afghanistan in a very short period of time (2-3 hours) when there were no plane tickets available from Moscow to southern Russia. As the organizer of a group of Western TV partners, Dmitry negotiated via satellite phone with an American correspondent in Afghanistan who helped our group make the trip to Kabul together, on a NATO helicopter! Eventually his TV experience led to the opening of Interproduction Film Company, which was founded in 2001 in Moscow.
Now Dmitry lives and works as DP and Director in Los Angeles.

Dmitry truly enjoys the challenges of working as a director of photography and producer. It’s even more challenging when he is producing and directing the same project! High quality, creativity and punctuality in production – these are Dmitry’s basic principles as a cinematographer. Dmitry’s professional skills are constantly being improved and perfected by working on a variety of projects such as music videos, commercials, documentaries and features in the USA and Europe as well as in his home country of Russia. As a creative person, Dmitry is constantly looking for new, exciting projects in which he can express himself. As a truly hard worker Dmitry especially loves the feeling when a project has been finished, after he have given 100% – the feeling that he has risen to a new level! Dmitry is always ready to discuss any project, large or small, with the aim of finding common ground and new opportunities for creativity.

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